Kinesiology B.S.

College of Education & Human Development (TCED) 06UGR Col of Educ/Human Development 201 - Bachelor of Science

Program description

The bachelor of science (BS) program in kinesiology is a comprehensive, science-based academic degree program centered around the physical, biological, behavioral, and social sciences related to the study of physical activity and human movement. Major coursework includes content focusing on human anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, movement science, sport history and philosophy, sport sociology, and sport and exercise psychology.

This curriculum provides exceptional academic preparation for students interested in graduate and professional programs in allied health, biomechanics, chiropractic medicine, dentistry, ergonomics, exercise physiology, exercise rehabilitation, human factors and performance, movement science, motor performance, nursing, occupational therapy, physical education teaching licensure, physical therapy, preventative and rehabilitation medicine, sport and exercise psychology, sport management, and sport sociology.

Examples of career choices for graduates with a BS in kinesiology include: athletic performance training, athletic training, sport coaching, exercise testing and prescription in clinical and health settings, personal training in health clubs and corporate settings, pharmaceutical sales, physical and occupational therapy, physical education teaching, public health management, fitness/sport/medical device sales, and wellness and fitness specialist.

Program requirements for the majors at the College of Education and Human Development fulfill a number of the University's required Liberal Education cores and themes. Students have multiple options for fulfilling remaining LE requirements.

Program last updated

Fall 2023